This Cabot Trail Inn is Like Stepping Into a Historic Museum

The Cabot Trail is a popular Nova Scotia tourist destination, with plenty of exciting things to see and do, but every once in a while you find a hidden gem. Last fall, in a bid to see the fall colours of the trail (and maybe a moose or two), our family made a loop of the Cabot Trail and found some amazing things along the way. 

Relying on the internet to find places to stay, our options were limited – we were heading to the Cabot Trail, last minute, at the peak of the fall colours. What are the chances we’d end up staying anywhere decent? But, gosh, did we luck out! 

After a long day on the trail, we pulled up to Four Mile Beach Inn late at night (don’t worry, we had politely warned our host that we would be checking in late) and were greeted by the owner for a brief tour and were shocked by what we saw. 

The whole entire downstairs was like a living museum. Each room – sitting room, game room, dining room – all full of artefacts and decor that told the story of the building and it’s past inhabitants! 

Dating back to the 1880s, the space was formerly a general store, with the entire retail space still set up to show what life there would have been like in days past. As a homeschooling family, this was a dream come true! The kids asked questions about the past, the owner sent posters on whale identification upstairs with us to study, and the kids were already excited for the morning when we would visit some of  the notable locations nearby that our host had alerted us to. 

The rooms – five suites and three apartment units – were all beautifully appointed, each with it’s own private bathroom and some with a stunning view of the ocean. Throughout the entire place, there were collections of rocks and minerals from nearby beaches and trails, as well as more ties to the past. 

The next morning started with an amazing breakfast consisting of homemade bread, freshly cooked and fully-loaded scrambled eggs, homemade apple crumble with apples straight from their own trees, and a huge selection of other items.

After filling up on breakfast, we walked down to the shore, a very short walk from the property, which is also where guests can take out kayaks to explore Aspy Bay. 

The inn, being adjacent to Aspy Bay, is a very short drive (or even walk, if you’re feeling adventurous, to Cabot Landing, where “The Matthew”, ship of the famous John Cabot, landed in 1497. 

Although the inn has recently changed hands, which will result in some renovations to the outside of the space in the new season, the museum-like interior will remain intact and you can expect the same hospitality and beautiful spaces with the new owners! 

Four Mile Beach Inn was a miracle booking for us. We got so lucky that they had a cancellation at the height of the fall colours on the trail! This is definitely an amazing experience for families, a romantic getaway for couples, or even an exciting stop for solo adventure travelers. Make sure to take a look at their website, because they also offer packages that include add-ons like kayaking, wine, or whale watching!

To book your own stay at Four Mile Beach, you can visit their website or call 1-902-718-7366.


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    Very welcome! It was such a beautiful place to stay!

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