Upon reflection, 2022 was a big year. It started out on New Year’s Eve of 2021 going into 2022 as weird, I had the sense that it would continue to be weird as the year progressed, and 2022 certainly did not disappoint on the weirdness front. 

I got to travel to Costa Rica and live out my travel writer dreams. 

All of my older children decided to go to public school for the first time after homeschooling their entire lives. 

I had to put university on hold to meet family commitments. 

I did a lot of healing of myself and my relationships. 

I went to film in Zambia, almost died while I was there, and lost the device that the bulk of my footage was on. 

I ran a season of my YouTube show, started a Patreon, and became a “Digital Creator” on Facebook and started writing pitches for shows. 

I sampled beer from a ludicrous number of breweries.

Tasting Flight at Daft Brewery in Kingston, Ontario

I’ve lost people that were important to me and gained new people that are important to me. 

I went on a week-long road trip with Santa. 

I travelled to the World Boardgaming Championships in an art covered bus and became the Pirate’s Cove Champion. 

I was part of a paranormal investigation team.

I have had some huge business losses and some huge business wins (Did I mention it’s been a weird year?!)

I’ve been sick more of the year than I’ve been healthy. 

Paragliding view over Jaco, Costa Rica

For a variety of reasons I would call 2022 among my best years…and also my worst. It’s been strange, but I think the year has overall trended toward the positive. But the weirdness reigns supreme, let’s be clear about that  

Now, with that said, I don’t think 2023 will be less weird. I can feel the changes – some good, some bad. The universe does seem to like balance, afterall. I actually spent a lot of 2022 theorising that we’re all in Hell. Or some big cosmic test. I still believe that, but my stance of “put as much good into the world as possible” doesn’t change either way.

So, 2023 will be different. Why? Because that’s what I choose. I am making active choices every day to better my mental and physical health. I have made commitments to do more of the things that make me happy. I’ve started focusing on things that will bring in wealth that will benefit my family and those around me for a long time. Things are happening. 

But you know what’s really important to me; the advice I tell my children all the time that I would give to my young self if I could? DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. I know this will be a big year full of plenty of big changes, excitement, and huge amounts of growth. So my commitment today is that I will document as much as possible, with a commitment to writing about my “Adventures in Life” at least once a week.

So, if you want to watch the next phase of Sarah Transformation while also keeping up on my travels, photography, and other adventures, this is the place to be in 2023!

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