How I suddenly became a paranormal investigator…

Adventure Seeker Sarah: Paranormal Investigator?! For anyone who knows me well (or honestly, anyone who watches me for more than five minutes) it’s quite clear that I have a love for adventure, but also consider just about anything a valid adventure. I, in fact, have considered stopping along the side of the road to take macro photos of plants an insects valid as an adventure. Adventure is everywhere and I like to write about it. So, yes, everyone knows that I like adventure. And guess who else knows that? The Facebook algorithm. At least ninety percent of my targeted ads are for random adventures. And guess what – I actually like it! Honestly, I know the targeting advertising of Facebook really annoys most people, but I actually find it helpful in many ways. It’s actually how I started my journey as a travel writer. One of the most recent wins from targeted advertising was my new position with Class-A Paranormal Investigation. Yes, you read that right – from Facebook targeted advertising to being an official ghost hunter. So, let’s break it down – how exactly does that happen?

So, a little bit of backstory (I’m all about that backstory). I have always been a lover of all things spooky. As a child, my collection of books heavily leaned toward ghost stories, murder mysteries, and books about occult activity. I had a childhood full of firsthand accounts of spooky happenings. Even with all of that, I still consider myself quite skeptical. I definitely believe that there are things we can’t explain, but do believe that there is a scientific explanation to be found. I honestly spend a fair amount of time just hanging out in cemeteries because I find it soothing.

Old Burying Ground Halifax Adventure Seeker Sarah
Adventure Seeker Sarah at the Old Burying Ground National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I’m also super into Halloween and horror movies. We always decorate our yard like crazy for Halloween, We’ve run our own yard haunt, and I made a point of it to visit every haunt available to me this year (still lots to see next year though). We have a giant collection of horror movies and my kids have even been in plenty of horror movies, including both Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City and Anklebiters, which both released late last year.

At Phantom’s Freakshow Haunt in Nova Scotia with my partner, Adam

So, I suppose it would make sense that Facebook targeted me when a paranormal investigation team in my area was looking for new members, and boy am I glad it did!

Of course, being me, the second I saw it, I applied without a second thought. My children sat beside me saying, “Okay, that’s pretty cool, but do you really need another job?”. Of course, they were not wrong but…GHOST HUNTING! So, I applied immediately and within hours was in an interview with the amazing team leader and super excited to be getting started on a paranormal investigation journey. The approach at Class-A was exactly what I had hoped for – science over sensationalism. We are a team that will actually investigate and find the objective truth. Perfect.

So, you’re in on the ground floor of my spooky journey! I am the official “Marketing Queen/Location Scout/Investigator for Class-A paranormal and I intend to tell you all about it as we progress!

Do you believe in ghosts? Have a spooky story to share? Let me know in the comments!


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